Be it as a performer, conductor or composer, David McVeigh has a clear philosophy as a musician: to make music of the highest quality whilst having fun doing it, regardless of the style. This rare chameleon-esque talent combined with his passion for evoking emotions with every note that he encounters and his ability to pass on this know-how in a constructive atmosphere means that he is a much sought after musician.

Born in Britain, David was surrounded by music from a young age, taking up piano and trumpet at 7 and classical guitar at 11. This polarized combination of instruments and his burning desire to play in every ensemble around meant that he had constant exposure to highly diversified musical styles. He went on to study trumpet and classical guitar at Trinity Music College, London and later at the Musikhochschule in Lucerne, Switzerland where he graduated  in 2008 with a Master in Music, principle study Trumpet,  and in 2010 with a Master in Orchestral Conducting. 

Highlights of his diverse career has seen him conduct Symphony Orchestras : Argovia Phil, Jugendorchester Köniz, Orchestra Giovanne : Wind Bands : Musikverein Verena Wollerau, Bern County Youth Symphonic Wind Ensemble VBJ, Oberaargauischer Blasmusik Camp : achieve first prize at the Swiss National Conducting Competition -  Schweizerischer Dirigentenwettbewerb : Organise musical flash mobs : Conduct a cross-over musical with a symphony orchestra and jazz band : write Composition Commissions : Cascades of Light for Trumpet, Alto Sax and Symphonic Wind Band : and work with renowned soloists : Alexander Dubach - Violin, Christian Holenstein - Horn, Nehad El Sayed - Oud, Joe Haider - Jazz Piano. As a player he has toured extensively throughout Europe and beyond. The constant quest to build his knowledge has seen David attended masterclasses with renowned conductors such as Bernard Haitink, Ralf Weikert, Douglas Bostock, Lior Schambadal, Peter Stark, Rolf Schumacher and Isabel Ruf-Weber

David McVeigh is currently musical director of the Symphonic Wind Band Musikverein Verena Wollerau and long term guest conductor at the ‘Sommer Ensemble’ a project orchestra of Bern University. He performs regularly with Duo Phoenix (Flute&Guitar) and Doris&Dave (Voice&Guitar) and is increasingly working as a composer. His guitar teaching and regular guest conducting opportunities round off his diverse career. 

I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it
— Igor Stravinsky